koubek Center

Koubek Mansion
Welcome to the Koubek Center at MDC

A historic landmark in South Florida, the Koubek Center brings the arts to life with workshops, art exhibitions, theater and music performances, literary readings, and more. Celebrating the diversity of our region’s expression, the revitalized mansion and gardens remain true to their pioneering heritage and multicultural community.

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Featured Events

  • Anne Frank: A History for Today
    Anne Frank: A History for Today

    The Anne Frank Center USA
    A specially designed traveling exhibit used to educate visitors of all ages about the dangerous consequences of intolerance to all communities. Examining World War II and the Holocaust through the perspective of Anne Frank helps to understand how indifference, acceptance and apathy destroy individuals, families, neighbors and entire communities.

  • Volver a la Habana
    Volver a la Habana

    El Ingenio Teatro and Grupo Buen Día presents An original text by Raquel Carrió, directed by Flora Lauten (director and founder of the cuban group Buendía) and Lilliam Vega (artistic director and founder of El Ingenio Teatro), which takes the spectator into an intimate journey of three women reunited in a small cafe of a hotel in La Vieja Habana. Starring Susana Pérez, Ivanesa Cabrera and Lilliam Vega.

  • Discovering Life Force - Folkloric Dance Festival
    Discovering Life Force - Folkloric Dance Festival

    Folk Dancers from diverse cultures are joining together to perform traditional dances that celebrate and awaken Life Force. Enjoy dances from Bolivia, Chile, Africa, Mexico, Basque Country, China, India, Thailand and more. Families are welcome.