koubek Center

Koubek Mansion
Welcome to the Koubek Center at MDC

A historic landmark in South Florida, the Koubek Center brings the arts to life with workshops, art exhibitions, theater and music performances, literary readings, and more. Celebrating the diversity of our region’s expression, the revitalized mansion and gardens remain true to their pioneering heritage and multicultural community.

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Featured Events

  • Pachakuti: Return to Equilibrium and Harmony
    Pachakuti: Return to Equilibrium and Harmony

    August 1st is a day of serious celebration honoring Pachamama (Mother Earth), in Bolivia. This is a very important day, filled with rituals and festivities, which also define it as the first day of Spring especially among the indigenous people. In celebration of this important day, and honoring Mother Earth in our way, Bolivia Magica Ballet Foklorico will be presenting a variety of folkloric dances, all based in the traditions and folkloric culture with original costumes from Bolivia.

  • Cap & Gown Gala
    Cap & Gown Gala

    Uaspire Miami hosts its 2nd annual Cap & Gown Gala, featuring The First One Awards, honoring individuals who, against great odds, rose above their circumstances to become a first-generation college graduate and is, today, a leader or rising star in their field or the local community: Mami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, Ambassador Simon Ferro and U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

  • Intensive with Juan Carlos
    Intensive with Juan Carlos

    Join us for an 8 day Intensive that will make you rethink the word flamenco. This is a great opportunity for Miami-based flamenco and contemporary dancers to experience Juan Carlos' methodology and process. Uniquely positioned between both worlds, his approach allows dancers access to whole new world for exploring rhythm, focus, pulse, space and intention.