Virtual Storybook Picnic / Picnic de Libro En Casa.

Facebook Live @KoubekCenterMDC FL

Along with the Fundación Cuatrogatos and Miami Book Fair, the Koubek Center has re-imagined our Storybook Picnics as virtual events, encouraging kids to create their personal version of the picnics at home while joining us on our virtual picnic. The 30-minute bilingual Storybook Picnics at Home take place twice a month, and feature story time, mime [...]

Eduardo Padron Campus Honors College Colloquiums @ Koubek Center

Koubek Center 2705 SW 3rd Street, Miami

It is a pleasure for the Koubek Center to host some of the colloquia with students of Eduardo Padron Campus’s Honors College. Part of the mission of the Honors College is to inspire students to be well-rounded citizens of the world. Fittingly, the series at Koubek began with a stirring conversation on October 21st led by choreographer [...]