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The theater at the Koubek Center offers a welcoming, intimate space with excellent acoustics and a capacity for 195 persons. From proscenium to upstage wall, the stage measures 25 feet, 9 inches in width by 19 feet in depth. It comes equipped with sound and lighting capabilities, a 13.000 lumens projector, and a projection screen. It makes the theater at the Koubek Center perfect for music, dance, and theater performances, showing a film or using it as a setting to shoot videos and live sound recordings.

It has been used for events by the BBC, the Madrid and Barcelona Human Rights Film Festivals, and Ife-Ile’s Afro-Cuban Dance Festival, as well as for events hosted by institutions and organizations such as the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Consulate General of France, and the Miami Chapter of the United Nations National Committee for U.N. Women.